Become A Creator


Becoming a creator on Live&Signed starts with signing up for an account.

Once you've successfully signed up, you can make your first post, and this marks your transition from being a user to a creator.

• To create your first post, simply click or tap on the "+" icon in the navigation menu and choose the post type that suits your creative vision.

• If you want to explore the various post types available on Live&Signed, you can refer to the 'Make your first post' article and consult the Creator Tools help resources.

• Select a Creator Category: Please make your choice carefully, as we offer dedicated categories for various types of creators.

• Craft your unique Creator Handle/Username.


After you've continued and completed your first post, you'll officially evolve from general user into a creator!

Your user profile will transform into a creator profile, and your creator tools will seamlessly integrate into your settings area.


There are numerous advantages to being a creator on Live&Signed, and we lift up up our creators in new and exciting ways!

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